Sponsorship Packages

Sponsoring industry events, trade shows and exhibitions can provide an incredible return on investment. A carefully selected sponsorship agreement can give you a lot for your money, boost your brand reach, and supplement your print and online marketing efforts.

Research has found that approximately 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority, and that 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. This means your company has a fantastic opportunity to showcase and sell your product to a highly engaged target market. More money is being spent on trade show sponsorship worldwide, as technology advances mean trade shows can now give sponsors even more data and insight into their target market.

Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event, and attendees eager to learn more about your business will come to find you. Sponsoring an event or trade show can mean a lot more than displaying your logo, so please take a lot at our partnership opportunities...

Lanyard sponsorship

Attendee badges are required for entry into the Innovative Care Exhibition. The attendee lanyard and badge sponsorship is an effective way to have your company’s brand seen by all conference participants throughout the entire event.

Website banner adverts

Banners are available on the website for advertising. These will be displayed on the “book tickets now section" this will give you more exposure prior to the event.

“You are here boards” and direction boards

There will be twenty direction boards around the exhibit to help guests to find their way around the stands and arena. This sponsorship gives you the opportunity to have your logo in large colour print, with your stand number on each sign.

Sponsored e-shots

Exhibition information will be provided to all guests, and e-shots will give you the opportunity to have your brand individually messaged to all guests prior to the event. We will also offer the opportunity to book appointments with you in advance.

Overall sponsor

• Speaking slot within the keynote speaker area
• Full page advert in show guide
• Branding on all pre-event and event materials
• Dedicated press releases
• Dedicated e-shots
• Post event list of all attendees
• Exhibition stand near keynote speaker area
• Banner at the entrance of the show (it will be hung 2 months prior to the event)
• Your logo on all event staff uniforms

Keynote speaker and Exhibitors speaker area sponsorship

• Exclusive branding and graphics of this elite area
• Support events team with chairing the keynote speaker slots
• Your logo in all photos that will be used in all events advertising and marketing for 2020 events

Visitor bag sponsorship

Visitor bags will be handed to all guests on arrival. This sponsorship will be exclusive to one sponsor. This will give your company high profiling at the event, and also a long lasting opportunity. This is a cost effective way for you to mass distribute to all visitors.

Inserts from other exhibitors will be available via bag insert sponsorships.

Bag insert sponsorship

Ensure your information is passed to all visitors, by inserting marketing collateral within the visitors bags.

Catering area sponsorship

We have one dedicated catering area within the arena, and you have the opportunity to sponsor this area which provides the following benefits:

• Exclusive branding on all catering tables
• Permission to distribute within this area
• Opportunity to have branded cups / napkins (you provide these)

Partners to the event sponsorship (8 available)

This provides the following benefits:

• Partnership branding on all event collateral and website
• Full page article in the show guide
• Key part of the social media campaign
• Content in all press releases

Registration area sponsorship

This provides the following benefits:

• Banners and TV advertising in registration area
• Every visitor and distributor will be met with your adverts
• Literature branding, your pens and materials will be offered to visitors on arrival.

Online registration area and eventbrite sponsorship

Your branding will be seen by all visitors who book to attend the event.

Event program sponsorship

All guests will be provided with a show guide, this sponsorship will give you great exposure of your brand to all visitors.

Leave long lasting impressions by booking one of these sponsorships opportunities. If you would like more information on pricing or have a proposal you would like to discuss then please...