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cots2024care awards

Westpoint Arena, Exeter - 17th July 2024

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Kellie Anne Lee

Kellie Anne Lee

Uccello Designs

Daily Living Aids in the Kitchen – More Confidence, More Independence!

Uccello Designs is your ally in enhancing independence. Specialising in creating solutions for individuals with limited strength, mobility, dexterity, and/or visibility, we’re dedicated to making likes easier!

Our assistive designs redefine accessibility, empowering individuals to navigate daily tasks with confidence.

As advocates for improved quality of life, we’re eager to connect with Occupational Therapists like you. Uccello is more than a brand; it’s a commitment to transformative solutions.

Join us in revolutionising support for those facing challenges, and let’s build a future of increased independence.

Speaker Bio

Kellie Anne Lee - Global Sales & Marketing Manager at Uccello Designs, brings nearly 4 years of dedicated service to the company, fostering a deep bond with the Occupational Therapy community.

With a passion for facilitating optimal care solutions, Kellie has immersed herself in understanding the unique needs of OTs, striving to empower them in enhancing their client’s well-being. Her commitment to forging meaningful connections and driving collaborative efforts underscores her role as a trusted partner in the field.

Through her expertise and genuine enthusiasm, Kellie seeks to inspire innovation and foster a supportive environment where every individual’s potential can flourish.

Join Kellie as she shares insights and solutions at Care & Occupational Therapy Show Seminar.



Meet with over 2000 buyers and decision makers from the care industry!

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show has been running for 5 years. This year's event will include buyers from Care Homes, Domiciallary care companies, Care Groups, NHS, Trusts, Indivdual Carers, Individual Practitioners also. Attracting around 2000 visitors it will truly be a festival of business for the care community.

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