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cots2024care awards

Westpoint Arena, Exeter - 17th July 2024

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Andrew Spiers

Andrew Spiers

Sales Director, Social-Ability

The Happiness Programme: A Mission to Spark Laughter for All


The Happiness Programme supports care venues using interactive light technology, improving the lives of residents in ways previously thought unattainable. 

It provides comprehensive support to fully integrate the technology, creating an immersive and engaging environment that fosters joy, relaxation and social connection.  

The impact of the Programme has been overwhelmingly positive by increased happiness and connectedness. We’ve seen improved quality of life, reduced PRN’s & Falls and improved Nutrition & Hydration.  

Care staff have also experienced increased job satisfaction, more capacity and a more fulfilling working environment. The programme exemplifies the power of human connection and technology's positive impact on our well-being.

We have partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Society to improve physical activity for people with dementia and an upcoming partnership with the National trust – come and find out a bit more about how the Happiness Programme can improve overall wellbeing for staff and residents and see the technology that has gone viral on TikTok in 2024 with over 2.6 million views!

Speaker Bio:

Join us at the COTS event to hear from Andrew Spiers, Sales Director for Social-Ability. 

Andrew is dedicated to transforming the lives of people with cognitive challenges. With a background in the NHS, Andrew witnessed firsthand the effects of deconditioning and boredom in healthcare settings. Motivated by a desire to make a meaningful difference, he launched Social-Ability in 2020, drawing on his experience working with the NHS and in the entertainment industry, along with partners and team members who all have the same drive, to create the innovative Happiness Programme.

Now impacting over 1200 care venues across the UK, Ireland, Canada, France and the USA Andrew is passionate about combating isolation and enhancing the lives of society's most vulnerable. Inspired by personal experiences with loved ones affected by dementia, he channels his efforts into improving the quality of life for those with limited capacity and combating loneliness globally.

Join us as Andrew shares his journey of compassion, innovation, and dedication to creating a brighter, more connected world for all.



Meet with over 2000 buyers and decision makers from the care industry!

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show has been running for 5 years. This year's event will include buyers from Care Homes, Domiciallary care companies, Care Groups, NHS, Trusts, Indivdual Carers, Individual Practitioners also. Attracting around 2000 visitors it will truly be a festival of business for the care community.

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