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Westpoint Arena, Exeter - 17th July 2024

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Amanda Farrell

Amanda Farrell


Creating Safer Environments For Individuals With Complex Needs

Join us for an informative seminar offering a comprehensive overview of Safespaces and our innovative products. We will explore the versatility of the Safespace multi-purpose room, discover the features of our specialist high-sided beds, and explore our range of travel/short-term use products. Through detailed insights, we'll discuss how each product is designed to support a range of complex needs, ensuring safety, comfort, and practicality. We’ll share real-life case studies that showcase the impact and positive outcomes of creating safer environment for individuals with complex needs.

Speaker Bio

Amanda is an experienced Senior Product Advisor specialising in safe environments and high-sided beds. With a wealth of experience, she works closely with families, caregivers, and professionals to create solutions that support the unique care needs of adults and children with complex needs. As a product expert, Amanda is committed to ensuring that each user receives the utmost support and comfort, enhancing their quality of life through tailored solutions.



Meet with over 2000 buyers and decision makers from the care industry!

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show has been running for 5 years. This year's event will include buyers from Care Homes, Domiciallary care companies, Care Groups, NHS, Trusts, Indivdual Carers, Individual Practitioners also. Attracting around 2000 visitors it will truly be a festival of business for the care community.

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