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`SeniorConnect` is a Wi-Fi network product specifically for care homes.

It provides easy and safe access to internet services for residents and their families, while delivering secure and robust connectivity for critical care home services.

Care homes are increasingly delivering digital services to residents need to rely on a fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi network to manage the Connected Care Home. Senior Connect offers:

• Coverage in all areas - no dead zones and constantly monitored performance.
• Separate SSID/ Wi-Fi networks reserved for critical telehealth and corporate requirements.
• Managed and secure access for patients, staff and guests alike.
• Friendly WiFi approved, (so you can be assured that only safe web sites will be assessed). The government-initiated Safe Certification Standard for public Wi-Fi. Ensuring minimum filtering standards are met, in areas where children are present.
• Integrations with patient-centred technology and automation systems
• 24/7 monitoring and support.