MediTec launched in 2018 by life partners and business partners, Katrina Green and Karl Hall. The business was the brain child of Kat and Karl following the discovery of a number of medical technologies which we were able to prominently bring to the market. We offer solutions to challenges experienced in the health sector by providing access to revolutionary technologies that will advance the care offered to patients/clients. As well as providing enhanced care, our technologies will also reduce costs associated with private clients as well as local and national budgets.

After finding this problem with bringing technology to the market, the solution was to use Kat's knowledge, experience and contacts within the care industry and Karl's business skills and experience, and bring them together to create a path for medical technology from the laboratory to the home.

Our vision is to provide and develop revolutionary technologies that will improve services associated with the health and social care sector whilst remaining financially practical to apply to the public on a local and national level.
Our commitment to providing this service is motivated by our passion to safeguard vulnerable adults and children by creating products and services that can be adopted by all professions within the health and social care sector. By achieving this all vulnerable adults affected by our developments will experience continually improved care.

Following our flagship product there are already plans to develop and implement 2 further products/services that will have applications in hospitals and the domiciliary care sector.