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everyLIFE Technologies Ltd created the PASSystem to reduce the risk associated with the administration of medications in care businesses. The PASSsystem mobile care management platform is at the forefront of driving up quality of care while also meeting corporate and regulatory obligations, including GDPR compliance. It is now the most popular and trusted care monitoring and management system in the UK.

The PASSsystem is the most popular and trusted care management and monitoring system in the UK. Upon its release, PASS changed how care could be delivered. For the first time ever, care workers (and commissioners and family members) are able to see and update live, detailed information relating to the individual receiving support. The sheer scope of this information - from personal preferences, medication details and outcome objectives to care plan instructions - is a first for the sector. The fact that PASS has made all of this available, in real time, on mobile devices and in the client’s home is truly transformational!