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Caron Cares aims to be the UK's leading independent source of information for anyone caring for someone elderly or someone with dementia. It is useful for professional carers but more so for family (informal) care givers who often find themselves "accidental carers" and have little or no idea what to do or what help is available. It can be a very lonely job too with little financial or emotional support.

What makes Caron Cares different is Caron really does care. With a background in care work spanning over 3 decades and personal experience of caring for family members she has used her experience to create an informative blog. The real beauty is Caron is genuinely there to answer questions and signpost people to available help and resources.

Caron Cares has won several awards in the social media world and was recognised by the Prime Minister in December 2018 for both her blog and other offline projects Caron has been involved with to help make people's lives easier and less lonely. Caron prides herself in not only caring, but finding simple innovative ways to solve everyday problems for people with dementia.

Caron Cares covers anything and everything from entitlements to State Benefits to incontinence pad rationing! She is known for her honest and at times outspoken attitude, yet writes with passion, insight and compassion.

Caron Cares hosts over 950 articles to date and due to Caron returning firmly to the care sector she now has plenty of passion to make it the best it can be. Caron has also been the Care Columnist for Devon Life since 2016.

Caron has also been instrumental in finding solutions to everyday problems. Her dementia assistance cards enable independence and provide an easy way for someone to ask for help if they become lost in public. Her 'Happy to Share' cards mean people can indicate they would share a table without having to verbally invite someone. These work in some small way to reduce loneliness. Caron also pioneered 'Operation Visible' a project to make mobility scooters more visible - the role of manufacturers really.