Alz Store UK Ltd

Alz Store UK Ltd
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Alz Store UK is a new and exciting company based in Saltash, Cornwall, supplying life-enhancing products for people living with Dementia.
Our mission and approach is to personally interact with Care Homes, Hospitals, Memory Cafes, and Dementia Organisations, as we believe that our customers should be able to interact with our products, before deciding on purchase. This is also a way for care staff to personally to witness first-hand the huge benefits the products have on their clients.

We also aim to introduce key products in to hospital settings as this would have an enormous benefit to both patients with Dementia, and the staff that care for them.

It is well documented that when a person with Dementia enters in to hospital, their anxiety and stress greatly increases as they sometimes have no understanding where they are, or what is going on. A patient with Dementia often "wanders" in hospital, sometimes resulting in falls, which therefore requires a much longer stay. Combined, this puts a huge strain and burden on the hospital and its staff caring for them. By introducing key products in to hospitals which can greatly reduce anxiety, stress, confusion, and stop the potential for wandering, and demands on staff, the cost savings to the NHS could be substantial.

We are excited to be one of the key UK distributors for the Joy for All Companion Pets, which has gained recognition for its life-enhancing qualities of reducing anxiety, soothing, companionship, and encourages interaction and conversation amongst elders. This unique and special product is also suitable for elders who are unable to look after a pet of their own.

Other products we are proud to supply, some of which have been personally tailormade, by our company, for people living with Dementia, include an MP3 Player with pre-loaded music from the 40's, 50's and 60's. The Simple Music Player with pre-loaded music from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Arthur the Bear with pre-loaded music. Music has been proven to be hugely beneficial as it encourages engagement with the music, memory recall, reduce anxiety and stress. With research done, we have only chosen music/songs that people will recognise, and interact with.

The Active Minds Range of products we supply are also hugely popular, and have been specifically designed for people living with Dementia. With jigsaw puzzles, Aquapaint Books, Colouring Books; etc., these products inspiring products encourage interaction and conversation, as well as reduce anxiety and stress.