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cots2024care awards

Westpoint Arena, Exeter - 17th July 2024

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Coproduction and collaboration with the VCSE for business success, growth and innovation.Coproduction and collaboration with the VCSE for business success, growth and innovation.

17 Jul 2024
Keynote Stage Sponsored by Access UK
Delving into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of business growth and innovation: the untapped potential of collaboration with the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector. As businesses navigate an ever-changing landscape, it's imperative to recognise the immense value that collaborating with VCSE organisations can bring. Despite this, many businesses are missing out on the opportunities this present. In this talk, we'll explore why this is the case and how businesses can not only engage with the VCSE sector but also harness the myriad benefits it offers to drive their success and innovation forward. Businesses often underestimate the value of working with VCSE organisations, viewing them solely through the lens of corporate social responsibility. However, this narrow perspective overlooks the broader potential for innovation, growth, and mutual benefit. By fostering strategic collaborations with your VCSE sector, businesses can access diverse talent pools, cost-effective and inclusive solutions, and expansive networks that fuel innovation and drive sustainable growth. Collaboration with the VCSE enables businesses to enhance their brand reputation, expand their market reach, and deepen customer engagement by aligning with socially conscious causes. Through this talk, I will provide some real insight to bring this subject to life and provide practical examples to effectively engage with this hidden gem of a sector and the benefits that can be derived.
Romy Johnson, Founder & COO - disAbility Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly /Humans Cornwall & IoS
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Meet with over 2000 buyers and decision makers from the care industry!

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show has been running for 5 years. This year's event will include buyers from Care Homes, Domiciallary care companies, Care Groups, NHS, Trusts, Indivdual Carers, Individual Practitioners also. Attracting around 2000 visitors it will truly be a festival of business for the care community.

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