About the
Southwest Care Exhibition


The South West Care Exhibition 2020 is the brainchild of Katrina Green and Chloe Stark of The Care Network Group Ltd. Between them, Katrina and Chloe have decades of experience working and running businesses in the care sector and saw a gap in the exhibition calendar for a new type of care show in the South West.

Yet the duo are keen to emphasise that inspiration came from the many great and innovative organisations and people with whom they had collaborated over the years.

Katrina said: ‘The South West provides community based services to an estimate of 121,230 people so our first exhibition in 2019 – which was called the Innovative Care Exhibition or ICE – was a great way to showcase opportunities to improve how things are done in the industry.’

The exhibition is the latest in a long line of successful initiatives in which Katrina has been involved. Previously she has co-founded Outstanding Care Awards in Devon and Cornwall and Somerset, as well as currently acting as chair for the Care Managers Network South West, the largest care network in the region.

With their extensive contacts and help from a partnership with Phoneta Inbound and Outbound Marketing of Cornwall, Kat, Chloe and their team were able to ensure that everyone who matters in the care industry in the South West was invited to attend.

It will be the same in 2020, but bigger. And alongside the exhibitors, there will once again be a range of speakers and interactive workshops throughout the day covering all areas of the care business, from new technologies to marketing.

Speaker Announcement

The Southwest Care Exhibition are excited to announce our headline speaker for 2020.

An inspirational speaker with expertise in the delivery of outstanding social care, crisis intervention, and excellent leadership, Jonathan Cunningham MBE is a highly successful entrepreneur, and business mentor.

Jonathan is also the owner of Rosebank Care Home, one of the top 1% of providers graded outstanding by CQC, and registered manager of Birkdale Park Nursing Home, experiencing first-hand the life of a care professional, and all that comes with it.